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We are an association of individuals dedicated to mental health advocacy through providing a place for community dialogue, support, and education & bringing resources together for members to develop a better understanding of the mental health system on all levels.
As a coalition, we are committed to bringing more awareness to stories of mental health affecting the various Asian & Pacific Islander American (APIA) communities.
At our meetings, we carry the message of hope, wellness, recovery, and self-determination.
Our Vision & Goals: The Asian Coalition is committed…
♥  To offering a supportive environment for individuals who seek general and culturally relevant mental health resources and services related to the APIA communities.
♥  To sharing stories of hope & educating the community about the value of various mental health services & available alternative therapies.
♥  To championing cultural diversity & foster social inclusion within the different API communities of Los Angeles County.
♥  To providing Mental Health Advocacy & Empowerment Training for issues such as…
 o Stigma Reduction: Learning to do away with self-stigma to acceptance.
o Recovery Values: Working through your strengths in recovery for self-determination.
o Self-Advocacy: If you want something badly enough, you ask & keep on asking.
o Community Outreach: Developing skills to share your personal recovery story & engage the community.
 To contact us, feel free to email us at: AsianCoalitionLACDMH@gmail.com

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